Independent Paralegal Services (503)228-0316

Independent Paralegal: Providing Document Preparation and Virtual Paralegal Services for Small Law Firms.

Are you a solo or small family law firm that needs occasional or ongoing support but don't need full-time in-house staff?

Paralegal specializing in family law is seeking to form mutually beneficial alliances with one or more family law attorneys.
I have more than 20 years experience in the family law document preparation field (since 1988).

I would like to work with one or more attorneys to assist them in building a highly profitable practice.
I have all the skills and time available to expertly prepare your documents and help you build your practice.

My services are for the small firm who may not have a paralegal on staff or the attorney who does a small
number of cases and wants an expert document preparer on an occasional basis. I have my own office and am available
to work remotely.

I am happy to assist you on a part-time basis for a flat hourly rate. You pay only for the services you need
when you need them. I specialize in preparation and electronic filing of all family law documents including petitions,
 motions, judgments, divorce, separation, custody, child support worksheets and modifications.

Contact me to discuss your needs and let's see if this is a match for what you are looking for: (503)228-0316